Depositing to a wrong address can lead to LOSS of your currency. 

COLODAX uses identical addresses for BTC and BCH and will try to automatically match the coin type with the address and credit the wallet of the user that owns the address.

ETH and all ERC20 Tokens build on ETH use identical deposit addresses in COLODAX, and COLODAX will identify your coin type and add the coins to your account accordingly when you deposit these coins. 

If you have deposited XRP without a tag then kindly raise a support ticket and we will do our best to recover your funds. 

We will not charge you any fee for the above service. 

If you have deposited to an address that doesn't belong to COLODAX then your funds will lost if you do not know the owner of the receiving address.

If you have deposited funds to address owned by another user in COLODAX then kindly raise a support ticket instantly and we will try to recover your funds. You may loose the funds if the other user has already utilized the funds received by them.